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Social Media Marketing Montreal

The Power of Social Media Marketing in Montréal

The Power of Social Media Marketing in Montreal

Social Media in Montréal

Social Media Marketing in Montréal is not being fully taken advantage of.. I have no idea why in this amazing city  I still notice business owners paying unenthused employees to hand out flyers on the street to promote their brand…  The WORSE type of Marketing out there!  Nobody wants to be hassled to read about your product or service on the streets of Montreal and if for the miraculous reason someone did decide to receive a flyer guess where that flyer is going?  THE GARBAGE, exactly where the idea of doing this type of mediocre guerrilla marketing tactic should go.

Then the few businesses who do use social media use the same type of tactic online as a digital flyer begging people to buy their stuff without ever establishing a relationship first..


Instead of wasting money on printing and an hourly wage consider experiencing the powers of Social Media Marketing and what it can generate for their business.  This quick read will show you what you can do with social media marketing.   If your still searching for why you should be on social media check out this quick video on the 5 Reasons Your Business Needs to be on Social Media. You’ll see some of the reasons on why it is vitally important for your business to leverage Social Media Marketing.

Social Media With Analytics

Back in the day if you were a small to medium sized business who wanted to push their brand out for the world to see it meant that you needed massive budgets to display your message on newspaper, radio, tv, or billboards.

You’d spend thousands of dollars hoping and praying this would attract your ideal clients.  All to realize that all the spaghetti your throwing against the wall doesn’t stick.  That’s because traditional marketing is completely unmeasurable. You also have no way in actually knowing if your ‘presumed’ target audience even saw your message.  With online marketing & social media marketing you do not have to worry about sending any advertisements blindfolded.

Using tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics and many other advanced analytics, it allows you to see who exactly is seeing your advertisements.  You also can find out where they are coming from,  and how many of them performed an online action or off-line action.  These actions can includes anything from filling out a form, to adding a product to cart, or even purchasing from you online.  You can even track if users made a purchase directly at your physical store front from an online campaign you fired out.  Wouldn’t you like to know who is buying from you & where your potential clientele is hanging out at?


social media

Remove Your Blindfold

Collect Valuable Data

A lot of people tend to confuse that all these social media platforms Facebook, YouTube, Google Linkedin, or Pinterest are solely social media companies.  These companies are more than just social media companies they are DATA companies.  Everything you do online will forever leave a digital footprint behind you.

Stop trying to clear your history or browse incognito, Google still knows what you searched last summer.  Our devices also record everything we say on the phone.  Our phones even talk to each other and see the similarities of what your friend likes online!  It’s 1984 ladies & gentleman and every page you’ve been on, every post you’ve liked, every conversation you’ve ever had the internet gods have access to it.  Read about how Google records your phone .

I see how this can be scary for some but personally I think this it’s great, if you have nothing to hide then what should you be worrying about?  Ok so there is the possibilities of doing a Cambridge Analytica scandal but Zucks, Page, & Brin are already combatting this to avoid another Brexit/Trump.  As a business owner you need to look at it in a positive light,  it allows you to understand who your clientele really is.  Many companies think they know who their clientele is only to realize that they were selling the right stuff to the wrong people.


See Who Your Clients Really Are

Send Custom Tailored Advertisements

Let’s say you visit a foreign country that speaks a language your unfamiliar of.   You  sincerely would like to connect with the locals.  So you desperately start talking to everyone trying to make a friend.   However since you dont know the language you’d probably realize quickly no one would understand what your trying to say.  Speaking to someone in a language unfamiliar to them just wouldn’t make sense.  Imagine how immigrants in your native country must feel when first trying to learn the culture & language of a new country.  With custom tailored ads you can communicate with anyone in their native tongue without knowing their language.

It gives you a greater possibility that your message will be read and understood, so why not take it a step further and send custom tailored advertisements in every way possible.   Selling suits?  Send your ads to high schoolers and tell them how fresh to death they will look for their prom.  Tell university students how they will stand out from everyone else in their presentations. Ad a groom who is happily engaged, how he will look like the man his fiancee always imagined he would be at their wedding.

See exactly what I mean? We do the everyday in our daily life as well with intonations.  You wouldn’t talk to your little nephew the same way you would to your grandfather right?  So start learning the language to speak to your customers too.  Here is a great example we of an ad we did for the ambitious 1% elites of Ferrari Québec.


Montreal social media

Send Custom-Tailored Advertisements

Improve Your Content

Most business owners are always thinking about how to improve operations, sales, marketing and themselves as leaders.  Change always comes from within.  When you understand the deepest parts of yourself only then can you take the action necessary to change and improve.

This goes for yourself, relationships with others, and your business.  You NEED to study your business and understand what to improve upon.  Every piece of content you put out on social media allows you to gage what it is that your clients like and don’t like about you.

Imagine video recording yourself while doing a sales pitch to all of your clients.  You can then study what it is that you said.  Analyze what worked, and what didn’t work.  To ultimately become a better salesman.  Understanding your content will increase your client frequency and improve the lifetime value of customers. Start seeing what it was that you did or said that resonated a new client.

Replicate Your Winning Ads

Follow Up With Social Media

Fortune favours the follow up!  See the crazy follow-up statistics that prove this right.  Social media marketing allows you to re-follow up with anyone online in a non-invasive way.  Follow up in online Marketing just like you would follow up in Sales.   Imagine being able to re-follow up with potential leads from people who watched a certain amount of your video online.  Or who have been on your website for a certain amount of time.  Then include an engament audience who has clicked on anything in your social media marketing campaigns.

When you follow up with these users (The Warm Audience) they more inclined to purchase from you.  These audiences since they showed a lot of engagement would like you to re-connect with them.  They have already received your advertising the first time and it successfully resonated with them!  Most marketing agencies fail at this and fail to respect the follow up.  At TAMTAMS we love following up with those who want to be followed up with.  Imagine 10 people come into your business but 9 quickly leave.  However 1 person decided to stay look around and ask questions. You as business owner need to be fully paying your attention to that 1 unique person.  Rather then spending your money and efforts on trying to convince those other 9 why you are the best.

We aren’t here to please everyone and you shouldn’t be either.  If you are, then you will quickly come to realize how create a loyal tribe of followers.  This will be 10x better for your brand rather than being a push-over everybody pleaser.


Re-Target on Social Media

Don’t Be A Digital Flyer Person

Unfortunately many businesses in the online world still do not understand social media. Sine they don’t understand it they send out any ad online and become digital flyer people.. Sending out advertisements to us that do not relate to anything we take interest in.  Giving users boring and un-enthused content.Or worst of all continuously bombarding us with the same message after we have repeatedly no shown any interest!  Respect the online sales process and brand yourself the TAMTAMS way.  Create thumb-stopper worthy content that actually resonates with your target audience.  Understand attention-arbitrage and how to implement it correctly with social media.  Then ultimately create an omni-present marketing model to your most loyal tribe.

With the power of Social Media Marketing the possibilities are endless when used to correctly.  If you found this article useful or you know a digital flyer business send this to them ASAP!  Nobody likes to be disrespected by begging us to buy a product or service.  So lets end the age of the digital flyer.

If your ready to take your business to the next level let us help you by providing your business a free online analysis of your current digital footprint here

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Stop Being A Digital Flyer

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