Our Story

When the idea first occurred to us to name this project TamTams, it seemed only fitting; the reference was perfect. It was a local rallying call — a sort of symbol of Montreal culture which represented our vision for this website.

In Montreal, TamTams resonates as the name of the weekly festival located in Mont-Royal Park. Although primarily associated with drums and its marijuana culture, it’s the intriguing laissez-faire attitude that characterizes the event more than anything else. Only in Montreal, a city that exudes tolerance and open-mindedness, would people from all walks of life be able to gather in such conditions and express themselves so liberally.

As young people from diverse backgrounds, this was our impression. Home to so many entrepreneurs, artists, and active students, Montreal abounds with so much hidden talent that can only be fostered in such a multicultural, vibrant city. And just like the TamTams Festival on Sundays, these people embody a varied and rich underground culture.

What we hope to become at TamTams.ca, is a continuation of this phenomenon — To provide a platform for the youth to express itself and let a community of young active people flourish under this banner. While it may be a huge melting pot, Montreal is also a place where people tend to cloister in groups. Student communities are strewn across downtown and there are Francophones and Non-Francophone areas. In this context, TamTams calls for unity and a sense of pride for our city, which we should strive to forge in our own image.

Up front, TamTams is like any magazine. We cover stories, shine a light on underground movements, and general information about Montreal’s unique culture. Behind the scenes, however, we are a community, involved in up-and-coming projects granting local creatives the spotlight necessary to pursue their objectives and gain exposure. Our goal is to empower the youth of Montreal by making noise, provide a network in which they can express their talents and essentially: be themselves.

So please, come join our drum circle.