Join The Team

Create Content and Have it Promoted

By becoming a TamTams team member your content will be promoted to hundreds of people within Montreal. You’ll be able to get all kinds of support from our designers, editors, and even photographers!

Be Part of a Community

At TamTams we believe that once someone is a committed content creator they become part of our community. To us,  our community is a key part of being a team member. We value our content creators and we show it.

Room for Growth

TamTams is a new player within the scene and with the coming year hope to grow very quickly. We’re looking for members who not only want to create content but also want to take on other responsibilities. If you share our vision we’re sure you’ll be making decisions in no time.

Have a few questions? Maybe we can help.

Check our the FAQs below and see if they’ll answer you question. If none of them have answered your question send an e-mail to and we’ll get you sorted.

I'm interested, what are my next steps?

First of all, we’re super excited and can’t wait to get to know you!

  1. First thing you’re going to need todo is find 1 or 2 of your favourite pieces and send it to us. That can be anything from an essay you’re proud of or an incredible photograph you took two summers ago.
  2. One you’ve gathered those things you’re going to need to attach them to an email and include: Your name, your e-mail, your skype, and a fun fact about yourself :p.
  3. Once that’s all in the e-mail send it to and we will get back to you with a day.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Are you guys going to make money off my content?

Nope, we make zero dollars off your content. We’re still a new website so we want to build a reliable and reputation before we start thinking about money. Our plans currently are that once we do add advertisements we will be giving all the money earned from content to the content creator themselves.

I'm not a writer, does that mean I can't join?

Absolutely not. We’re looking for all kinds of members. Whatever your content we’ll gladly take a look at it and decide if it fits on our website. Trust me, we’re typically okay with most things!

If you’re interested in taking a different role other then content creation, send an e-mail to and we’ll definitely get back to you.

I have a great idea, will it even be heard?

Of course. At TamTams we believe heavily in a flat company structure. We want to empower our members to truly exceed expectations and make their mark not only on Montreal but also our company. You will not only be heard but you will also have a vote in the decisions our company takes in the future.

Can you further explain the community aspect?

We believe that once someone is a content creator they are part of our company. That being said we consider our company more of a team. We don’t just say that, we live by that. We want our members know they are appreciated and feel as though TamTams is their own company too. If you become a member you will become part of a tight community that helps each other excel.

Who are you guys, how did you get started?

It’s only fair that you get to know about us! Currently we’re a small team of 4 that is compromised of 3 McGill and 1 Concordia undergrads. We had a vision of creating a website where the young generation could find all kinds of content ranging from new local DJs to opinion pieces on foreign policy. In the process we’re learning how to start and run a business.

Well, what are you waiting for?