Discovery Sessions: Volume 9

Welcome back to the first Discovery Session of 2017!


It’s raining, or perhaps snowing. No use in going outside today. No worries though, we’ve got you covered. This session is perfect for those days when you need soothing and feel-good music. We got that Soul, that funk! True jazz and some modern gems. Sit back and enjoy.


You’ll recognize a couple big players today like Childish Gambino and Frank Ocean along with our usual array of under appreciated artists. This time though, we included a few legends like Grant Green, Curtis Mayfield, and James Brown – all of which have significantly contributed to, if not defined their respective genres. This just goes to show how timeless music can be.


We made the switch to Spotify for this particular session, so our music selection could be widened to more artists and genres alike. Be sure to follow us there too! As a pro-tip, make sure to use the Spotify web player on Chrome with Adblock – that way you won’t have to sit through any audio ads. Comment below if you prefer this platform!


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